Reject Luton Airport Stacking

  • Changes to aircraft stacking routes into London Luton Airport (LLA) in February 2022, known as "Air Deployment 6" or AD6, have increased noise pollution in many previously quiet towns and villages.
  • This is set to get much worse as LLA plans to expand their operations.
  • AD6 was badly designed with insufficient consultation, resulting in poor use of the airspace.
  • It is not yet too late to reverse these changes, a review is ongoing and due to complete in September 2023. A campaign to improve or abandon AD6 is gathering steam and now has the support of local MPs.
  • Recent News - Public Meeting held on 24/2/23

  • There was a full house for a public meeting held on 23rd Feruary 2023 at Little Gransden Village Hall.
    • RELAS presented these slides explaining the background to AD6, current RELAS activity and progress. After illustrating the magnitude of the problem with recent flight data, it was explained why the problem is expected to worsen. There was also a discussion of the negative health and climate effects of increased flights. It was emphasised how important it is to continue complaining.
    • There were further contributions from Rt. Hon. Jonathan Djanogly MP, Cllr Dr Tumi Hawkins and others.
    • Anthony Browne MP was out of the country on business but contributed this video.

    How to make a difference:

  • Join our facebook group to get the latest news.
  • Email a complaint. This is how Luton airport and others will judge whether there is a problem. Without sufficient complaints there is unlikely to be any change.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbours.