Reject Luton Airport Stacking

Latest news - October 2023

  • RELAS collated a comprehensive set of data with heatmaps of the flight tracks (AD6) which were submitted to London Luton Airport before the deadline of 22 Sept 2023.
  • The aforementioned document was endorsed by a number of local representatives.
  • RELAS has the further opportunity to submit its latest data via CAA's Digital Portal, as soon as London Luton Airport and NATS submit their PIR data. We do not have a date for this yet.
  • RELAS encourages you to continue to make representations to your local MP and other relevant forums, as well as direct letters of complaint to London Luton Airport (copying in RELAS). We have instructions and further guidance on how to do this in our previous updates.
  • The Post Implementation Review (PIR) of AD6 finishes on 22nd September 2023. It is very important to make as many complaints as possible before that date so they can be included in the review.
  • Changes to aircraft stacking routes into London Luton Airport (LLA) in February 2022, known as "Air Deployment 6" or AD6, have increased noise pollution in many previously quiet towns and villages.
  • This is set to get much worse as LLA plans to expand their operations.
  • AD6 was badly designed with insufficient consultation, resulting in poor use of the airspace.
  • It is not yet too late to reverse these changes, a review is ongoing and due to complete in September 2023. A campaign to improve or abandon AD6 is gathering steam and now has the support of local MPs.

  • Update - August 2023

  • There was a public meeting on 17 July at 20:00 in Gamlingay at which these slides were presented.
  • Visit our new petition and sign to oppose AD6 (please note any donations go to, not RELAS).
  • See the updated advice on the complaints page.
  • RELAS was back at the Eco Hub in Gamlingay on 17th July to reiterate their message to keep complaining about plane noise which is affecting the environment and the lifestyles of residents.

    Since February 2022, our quiet rural countryside has been spoilt by the introduction of large numbers of passenger and freight aircraft. There is no respite from this audible and visible blight which disturbs many in the area and is a direct result of the imposition of the poorly considered programme AD6. This was never about safety as stated but simply about the expansion of Luton and Stansted airports.

    Southern regions like Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire have been significantly affected. It is clear that the consultation process was deeply flawed. The consequential impact of AD6 was not disclosed, such as the increased use of the region's airspace that is not relevant to Luton or Stansted. Night flights in particular were not mentioned. The howling and screeching noise of the jets braking for a quick descent were deliberately omitted from all data analysis. Aviation experts have highlighted the poor design of AD6 which requires this rapid "scrubbing of altitude".

    Since March 2022, our local authority representatives have tried to meet and address the public complaints with the programme sponsors: London Luton Airport (LLA), National Air Traffic Service (NATS), and the oversight body, the CAA. It is apparent that these bodies have refused to engage constructively and deal with residents, councillors or MPs. This is very frustrating as LLA and CAA deal with the complaints - marking their own homework which is wholly inappropriate and unethical. The PIR was extended to 22 September 2023, thanks to the efforts of Local MPs that debated the topic with the Transport Minister in January 2023. The LLA is 85 years old and intends to expand its operations up to 21 hours a day with a new passenger terminal to accommodate an increase in passenger numbers.

    RELAS was formed to oppose these changes and, in addition to raising public awareness and engaging local MPs, is campaigning to get AD6 abandonned or re-designed. The effects of noise pollution on health is significant, including irritation, stress, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbance and cardiovascular disease. Local MP Anthony Brown used a parliamentary debate on AD6 to highlight several cases of constituents whose health has been seriously affected.

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